Real time supply chain, combining craft know-how and big data

Upon arrival the fruit is submitted to quality checks in a conditioned research area. The banana ripening process is monitored throughout the week by daily ripening checks on ripeness, quality, temperature and color evolution. Bananas can mature in any desired color, based on statistics and appropriate experience. The client indicates when the fruit is ‘ripe and ready’.

In the vision of Compagnie Fruitière The Netherlands a sustainable supply chain gives the best result. Openness is necessary for good fruit of high quality and committed partners are essential. The banana ripeners attempt to control sector-threatening diseases such as the Black Sigatoka and the Panama disease in close collaboration with the University of Wageningen. Together with various producers and institutions different tests are executed in mutual fruit researches, in search for innovations.

Compagnie Fruitière The Netherlands brings the fruit industry, in particular the banana sector to a higher level, thanks to a chain vision in which the craft of ripening is combined with new parameters in ‘big data’. The progressive approach chosen is to improve the availability of information within the supply chain.

In the end an online system is being developed to further enhance transparency and traceability throughout the supply chain. Eventually, providing real-time insight into daily operations will allow to boost the quality of the product offered to consumers.