A new generation of banana ripener

As a banana ripener, Compagnie Fruitière The Netherlands uses knowledge and supply chain information to deliver tailored services. In this way bottlenecks in the complete fresh chain improve and continuity is ensured.

The journey, that bananas and ready to eat fruit make from farm to fork, is centrally coordinated with the ripening of fruit as core business. The supply chain is optimized thanks to support in strategic sourcing, extensive support in logistics, customs clearance, quality monitoring and planning.

Consequently, Compagnie Fruitière The Netherlands is as a distributor also a partner for container arrivals, palletizing, re-stacking, storing, packing and monitoring of fresh fruit. In the end, a transparent and long-term partnership determine the success of ripe fruit and shelf life.


Niels Borgers, 1982
“The fruit industry is ready for new initiatives. I believe in an open approach and creative solutions to collectively improve the supply chain. Like that, I see many opportunities, whereby United Fresh Services determines the new standard in service of fresh produce.”

Compagnie Fruitière has been a family business since 1938 in Marseilles, is a leading producer in Europe and as well as the major fruit producer in the Africa-Caribbean-Pacific region, specialised in the production, transport and distribution of fruit and vegetables.

It produces, transports, ripens and markets more than 900,000 tonnes of fruit and vegetables, including 750,000 tonnes of bananas in Europe and throughout the world. The integrated handling of the entire supply chain, from production to distribution, gives it unique operational efficiency, as well as total control over the quality and taste of the products it distributes.